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Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals

Updated: Feb 15

BPA and PFAS are two types of chemicals that can wreak havoc on the hormones, and lead to chronic disease. These chemicals can also be classified as obesogens, which means they can change the way our bodies make, store, and use fat, leading to an increased risk of obesity. When these chemicals are prevalent in the body, they can also make it difficult to lose weight.

BPA is mainly found in the thermal paper receipts are printed on, certain types of plastic, and the lining of metal cans. You can avoid BPA by refusing receipts, limiting plastic use when it comes to food and drinks, and buying canned food with the BPA-free lining label. Plastic can be difficult to eliminate completely but the less plastic used, the less exposure you will have. Plastic should never be microwaved, put in the dishwasher, or left outside in the sun. Stainless-steel water bottles and glass food storage are the best options for storing water or food. Beeswax wraps are a good alternative to plastic wrap, and reusable silicone storage bags are great for food storage. All of these options are great for the environment as well!

PFAS (also known as forever chemicals) are mostly found in contaminated water, non-stick pan coatings, microwave popcorn bag linings, stain-free or water-free treated clothing/furniture and grease resistant food packaging. Reverse osmosis systems will remove PFAS from water, but minerals may need to be added back in. Nano-technology filtration pitchers are a great option for filtering water at home as well. Using stainless steel or cast iron cookware will eliminate exposure from non-stick pans. Another source of exposure is toilet paper. Out of all the tp's tested, this one here ranks really low on PFAS and other chemicals.

BPA can be removed from the system rather quickly, while PFAS take much longer. However, reducing your exposure to both will go a long way towards relieving the toxic burden on your body and creating the environment necessary for it to function at optimal health. If you need more help identifying and removing toxins like BPA, PFAS, and more, check out my Twelve Weeks to Detox Your Life program or my deeper detox with the Cell Core Foundational Protocol.

Stay Healthy Friends!

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