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12 Weeks to Detox Your Life (One-on-One Coaching)

  • 12Weeks


Are you struggling with inflammation and wanting to support your body's natural ability to heal? Do you desire to transition into a cleaner lifestyle but not sure where to start? Are you preparing to get pregnant and want to ensure your toxic load doesn't get passed on to your child? If so, this program is for you. Negative symptoms that we experience are not bothersome nuisances meant to be suppressed, they are important messengers that our bodies send to let know that things aren't functioning the way they are supposed to. Often, toxic overload is the culprit. Toxic buildup also leads to mineral deficiencies, which impacts many areas of our health. This program will teach you how to clear and support your detox pathways, as well as limit or eliminate toxins found in your food, personal care products, and environment. Once the pathways are supported, and the onslaught of further toxins is lessened, we go through a 30 day detox, designed to pull heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, BPA, and more from the body. This program includes: 12 weeks of video lessons, 8-15 minutes long with a typed recap of important information 30-40 minute one-on-one coaching calls each week, with goal-setting Dietary assessment with personalized nutrition and wellness suggestions Coach encouragement and accountability throughout the week Clients who go through this program report improvement in symptoms, weight loss, and more energy!

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Monthly Program Payments, $210.00/month


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