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Electromagnetic Frequencies & How to Protect Yourself

Updated: Feb 15

EMF's are the electromagnetic fields put out by everything from power lines to cell phone towers, to wi-fi, cell phones, and computers. In this day and age we are constantly surrounded by a barrage of radiation emitting from our devices and traveling through the air. Although many people don't think twice about the safety of this much exposure to electromagnetic radiation, serious health concerns are on the rise. The long-term effects of this much exposure are still unknown.

In fact, other countries are starting to take notice and take action. In several European countries, wi-fi has been either banned or drastically reduced in schools over growing health concerns, and the particularly damaging effect this type of radiation has on developing brains. According to the International Agency for research on cancer, bone marrow in a child's skull absorbs 10x more radiation than that of an adult.

Truth is, we are guinea pigs. The standards of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) are sorely lacking and have not been updated in many years. The World Health Organization has classified EMF radiation as a possible carcinogen. There have been numerous adverse effects reported in relation to EMF exposure, particularly from those living near cell phone towers or those who have high EMF-sensitivity.

This can range from symptoms such as dizziness, trouble sleeping, headaches, tinnitus, and fatigue. Repeated exposure to this type of radiation causes DNA damage, which can lead to cancer. EMF exposure also decreases the size of the thyroid and decreases its ability to uptake iodine, affecting hormones, memory, and alertness and leading to thyroid issues. Constant exposure to EMF's disrupts the body's ability to heal, and affects fertility as well.

The rollout of 5g is particularly concerning. Over 200 scientists and health professionals from around the world agree. These large and small cell towers are being placed everywhere, as they need to be close together to work. It is not recommended to be within 1200 feet of them, which will be impossible considering they are popping up all over the place, even near residential areas and schools.

So what to do? Firstly, avoid living near cell phone towers if at all possible. Seek out and attend local stop 5g rallies. Contact your legislators. Most people are completely unaware of the dangers. Here is more information so that you can be informed as you spread the word. This link contains hundreds of studies on EMF radiation and health.

Secondly, there are things we can do to protect ourselves. Cell phones/ tablets/ and computers should always be kept away from the body, especially with children. It is helpful to keep these in airplane mode when not in use, and use EMF protection on all devices. These bags are a great option for storing phones and laptops on the go. These stickers contain Shungite, which is a carbon-based crystal that neutralizes the radiation, and can be placed directly on a computer, phone, or I-pad. This lap shield is very effective at blocking EMF's and should be placed in the lap before using a device, especially with children.

Avoiding sleeping with phones and computers near the head will help to get a good night's sleep, and will give your body a break from constant exposure. If possible, make your bedroom an electronic-free zone and turn the wi-fi off at night as well. These plugs are great for timing your wi-fi shutoffs. Keep routers away from common areas as much as possible. Avoid wireless headphones like Airpods, as these emit a high level of radiation right into the brain. EMF-blocking jewelry can also be effective. Salt lamps also help to neutralize EMF's. Grounding bags can also be helpful to carry on your person and keep in your home. Studies show extremely positive benefits on these, especially when it comes to sleep. (Use code emfrocks5 for 5% off.)

Grounding (standing on the grass or dirt to absorb the electrical charge from the Earth) is also extremely beneficial, and will help the frequency of your body to stay balanced, and counteract the harmful effects of EMF radiation. I recommend making this a part of your morning routine, for 10-15 minutes daily. This is best done on slightly wet grass, or sand but dry grass/earth works too. If it's cold out, utilizing grounding socks is helpful, and they even make grounding shoes or straps you can attach to your shoes so that you can enjoy the benefits of grounding wherever you go.

As with most environmental toxins these days, we can't ever eliminate EMF's completely. It's important to do what we can and trust God for the rest. If you are looking to live a healthy lifestyle, this is something to consider, and if you have health issues and/or are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, it is highly recommended to start taking action.

For more on this topic and frequencies in general, check out my latest podcast.

Stay healthy friends!


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