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Benefits of an Acupressure Mat

Updated: Feb 15

If you've ever seen an acupressure mat, they can look a little intimidating and quite frankly, uncomfortable. "Relaxation" might not exactly be the first word that comes to your mind as you gaze upon the thousands of little spikes. Yet, despite the way they look, acupressure mats are extremely beneficial.

Acupressure mats work to stimulate pressure points that can help to relieve pain, improve circulation, and release muscle tension. Using an acupressure mat before sleep has been shown in studies to improve sleep quality. These mats can help alleviate headaches, and improve depression, anxiety and stress.

If you've never used an acupressure mat before, you will want to get used to it by wearing a lightweight shirt while laying on the mat. As you begin to lie down, be sure to do so slowly, keeping your weight evenly distributed. As you get more used to laying on the mat, you can remove the shirt for best results.

It may feel painful for about a minute, but after that amount of time, you should begin to experience a warm and tingling feeling. Try laying on the mat for 5 to 10 minutes initially, and then work your way up to 20 minutes daily. Focusing on deep breathing while you lay there will also help to relax your mind and body, and stimulate relaxation. Avoid moving around so as to avoid piercing the skin.

(Those with thin skin or diabetes, or who are prone to infection, should be especially careful not to pierce the skin.)

Try adding acupressure mats to your bedtime routine and see if you notice some benefits! If you are looking to purchase one, you can do so here.

Stay Healthy Friends!


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