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The Lymphatic System and its Vital Role in Your Health

Updated: Feb 15

Your lymphatic system is comprised of different organs, vessels, and tissues and it plays an important role in the body when it comes to immune health, cell waste removal, and detoxification. Lymph fluid must flow smoothly throughout the body. When it gets stagnant, nutrients cannot be delivered to the cells, waste cannot be properly removed, and disease is soon to follow.

Many things can cause lymph flow to become stagnant or blocked. Things like constipation, toxins, liver disfunction, dehydration, lack of exercise...even tight clothing! If you suffer with chronic illness, this is likely a sign that your lymphatic system isn't working the way it was designed to. Other signs can be: swelling, soreness, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, digestive issues, irregular bowel movements, food sensitivities, chronic fatigue, rashes, and brain fog.

There are many ways to support the lymphatic system for healthy drainage, whether you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or not. Exercise in general is great for the lymphatic system, and rebounding is particularly good for it. Rebounding is a fancy word for jumping on a trampoline. These mini-trampolines are perfect for the home, and ideal for incorporating daily use to support lymphatic drainage.

Cold plunging is also a great way to support the lymphatic system. You don't even need a fancy tub for this, your own bathtub will do, or a cold blast at the end of the shower works wonders as well. You can even just dunk your face in a sink full of cold water if you aren't ready to take the full plunge.

Cell Core BioSciences makes a fantastic supplement called LymphActiv that contains a powerful blend of herbs, complete with fulvic/humic acid and patented bioactive carbon technology that helps support lymphatic drainage and function. If you are interested in trying this out, contact me for a referral code and a 15% discount.

Dry brushing can also be very effective to stimulate lymph flow, as well as manual lymphatic drainage. You can actually combine the dry brushing with this technique as well. Check out this video for instructions:

Utilizing these tips will go a long way towards keeping your lymphatic system flowing the way it was designed to. If you need more help identifying and removing toxins that may be hindering your lymphatic system and affecting your body negatively as a whole, check out one of my detox programs, tailored to your unique detox needs, and with my guidance as a trained detox professional.

Stay Healthy Friends!


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