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Full Moon Challenge (Parasites)

  • 30Days


Parasites are NOT just a third-world country problem! Parasites are easily picked up by eating pork, sushi, fresh fruits/vegetables, pets, walking barefoot, swimming in lakes...the list goes on and on. An easy way to test for parasites is this: place two fingers on your neck or wrist. Do you have a pulse? If the answer is yes, you have parasites! Parasites can do a lot of damage to the immune system, nervous system, digestive system and more. They steal nutrients and cause deficiencies that then can lead to a slew of other health issues. Symptoms of parasites can include: headaches, insomnia, digestive issues, rashes, eczema, teeth grinding, irritability, anxiety, dark circles under the eyes, low iron levels, mineral deficiencies and an impaired immune symptom. Parasites are most active around the full moon, which means that is the best time to get in there and start eliminating them. However, it's of vital importance to prepare the body before doing any kind of parasite elimination. Drainage pathways must be open and the bowels must be moving. Toxic load is also a factor to consider, because parasites are attracted to toxins. This challenge covers all of those bases. We start off opening up the drainage pathways, getting the bowels moving, and pulling bio-toxins, then we go in and kill the critters. The price includes all Cellcore supplements needed, video education, a community group, and text message access to me throughout the process to guide you and answer questions.

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